Puzzle Rings by Pepi

Instructions for reassembling your 4 band puzzle ring

Photo 1 Study your ring before taking it apart. Notice where the bands cross over and under each other and that each band has a corresponding notch in the bands that it crosses over or under. Now carefully take your ring apart one band at a time while studying how the bands interlock and the position that the bands need to be in to reassemble later.
1.When your ring is apart, look for the band stamped “Sterling” or “14 k”. Hold this stamped band with your right thumb and forefinger so that the “Sterling” stamp is facing you and the bent portion of the band is facing downward. Shake the bands gently while holding the “Sterling” band so that the rest of the bands fall naturally into the “Ring Assembly Position” (Photo 2) 2.The two “Middle Bands” will be hanging from the band stamped “Sterling” or “14k” with the band stamped “PEPI” hanging below the “middle bands”.
Arrange these “middle bands” so that the bent portions of the bands are facing away from each other, forming a diamond shape. If these “middle bands” are not making the diamond shape, pass one band over the top of the“Sterling”” band and down the other side of the ring assembly so that the middle bands are properly placed. Next, arrange the “PEPI” band so that the bent portion of “PEPI” band is facing upwards toward the bent portion of the “Sterling” band. You are now ready for assembly.

Photo 3

Photo 4


Photos 3,4, & 5
3.Holding the “Sterling” band with your right thumb and forefinger so that the “Sterling” stamp faces you. Now lift the “PEPI” band to the left, up and in front of the“Sterling” band. While lifting, do not twist or rotate the “PEPI” band in relation to the “Sterling” band. Keep both the “PEPI” stamp and the“Sterling” stamp facing you throughout the lifting process. Once in place, the band stamped “PEPI” should cover the “Sterling” band so that only “PEPI” is visible. When this step is properly done, the bent portions of the “PEPI” and “Sterling” bands interlock with each other at corresponding notches forming a “figure 8” shape and the flat stamped part of the bands lie against each other. (Photo 5)The “middle bands” should go into the hole on one side and out the other side of the figure 8.

If they are not caught within the figure 8, start over.

Photo 5

Photo 6

Next, rotate and wiggle the bent portions of the “middle bands”into the holes of the “figure 8”. It is these bent portions that interlock to form the design; it is necessary that the bent portions be centered within the “figure 8” in order for the notches to fit together.
Photo 7 Photos 7, 8, & 9
5. The first “middle band” to go into position must always be the band that will cover the “PEPI” stamp. To do this, grasp the flat part of that band making sure the tip of the bent portion of the band is centered in the middle of the “figure 8.” Lift the band into place making sure the tip goes up and over the remaining “middle band” tip in “figure 8.” If you do not make sure the tip of this 1st middle band goes up and over the opposite tip, then the next middle band will not go into place.
Photo 8
Photo 9 6. Now grasp the remaining “middle band” on the opposite side of the ring and lift into place as shown in photo. This completes the assembly of your 4-band puzzle ring.

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