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About Puzzle Rings by Pepi

Puzzle Rings by Pepi takes pride in presenting this collection of jewelry: original and inspired designs superbly hand-crafted by American Craftspeople. 

Master Craftsman Joseph "Pepi" Masselli sets high standards of quality for his collection, which is reflected by a wealth of satisfied customers. We enlist the creative energies of select artists and sculptors to develop and design each original piece. 

Our Talismans, Amulets, and necklaces are made of Lead-Free Hallmark Brand Pewter. Some selected pendants are also available in Sterling Silver.

All Puzzle Rings and Band Rings are hand-crafted in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. Often we will mix Silver with Gold bands to give a unique look-Especially the 4 and 6Twist Puzzle Rings. 

Puzzle Rings by Pepi utilizes a Secret finishing process, developed by Pepi, resulting in one of the most beautiful lines of jewelry you can find! 

Concepts for designs are carefully researched for authenticity and historical relevance, utilizing historical and mystical texts including The Key of Solomon, The Qabalah, The Black Pullet, Greek, and Norse Mythologies. Our resources are too numerous to mention and the research library keeps growing! 


Our goal is to bring you beautifully interpreted, esoterically sensitive, quality designs created by highly skilled craftspeople.